At Queensland Renos, we are a renovation and development company. Our passion has helped us achieve the goals of many satisfied customers. We strive to continue providing the great quality work to build your dream renovations because that’s what’s important to us. With 30 years of building and renovation experience in different sectors, we have managed to set a high standard for ourselves and aim to be the best in all-round renovation works in Queensland.

With our 30 years’ experience, your dream home is only a call away. Our team is extremely qualified, open-minded and adaptable. Your vision is our priority, and our goal is your satisfaction so let’s meet and discuss what we can do for you.


Through our 30 years of experience renovating all types of homes. We have prided ourselves on having the expertise in bringing the customers ideas into reality. Our primary focus is expanding on our customer’s dream house and assuring this house becomes a reality.

We firmly believe quality is the utmost important factor with your home. Making sure that all materials not only suit your houses overall presentation but also suit the environment and are built to last.

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